Save Money With These 5 Meal Prep Tips

We all want to save money.

But many of us end up spending it unnecessarily by ordering takeout or eating out at a restaurant or fast food place.

We’re busy moms and even though we’re at home, sometimes we just don’t always get the time to make a home-cooked meal.

But, there’s a solution. Meal Prep. It not only saves you time, but also saves you money.

Here are 5 ways you can save money by meal prepping:

  • Shop at home – Instead of running to the supermarket to buy food, check your pantry or refrigerator to see what you have and create meals out of it. You might be surprised to see what tasty meals you can come up with even if it’s only leftovers. Besides, it usually tastes better than takeout.

  • Buy staples in bulk – When you need to go grocery shopping, buy items in bulk that you use often. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk. So shop at Costco or BJs etc and stock up on your everyday items like flour, rice, meat, cheese, eggs, bread, etc.
    Having those staples on hand when you’re meal prepping means you’re less likely to get takeout or go out to eat because you can quickly whip something up instead, like a grilled cheese or ham sandwich and make a few more to have on hand the rest of the week.

  • Buy produce on sale and in season – Plan your meals around food items that’s on sale and in season at the grocery store. When you meal prep for the week, the savings go a long way. For the cost of one meal at a restaurant, you can usually get a week’s worth of meals just by cooking food that’s on sale.

  • Substitute protein – Instead of cooking steak all the time which can be really costly, eat less expensive proteins such as fish or chicken. One or two nights a week, try a meatless meal. I promise you won’t miss the meat all that much. Eggs and beans are also excellent substitutions because they are great sources of protein.

  • Grow your own produce – Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can grow your own veggies, especially those that you use all the time. Cooking your own meals with produce from your garden is so much cheaper than buying it at the supermarket and you get so much more than eating out at restaurants. When meal prepping, more money is saved because there are a whole lot more veggies to cook with from your own garden that will last you the rest of the week.

Wherever you can save money, you should. And meal prep is a great way to do so. Not to mention, eating at home is much healthier.

Eating out is okay once in a while but done too often simply because you didn’t prepare your meals in advance can weigh heavily on your budget.

These 5 tips will help encourage you to meal prep every week and save money.

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