How I Made $115 In Tips In Just 2 Hours

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Ever made over 50 bucks an hour? You can! Here’s how I did it.

I started looking for ways to earn extra income to supplement my part-time online job.

I came across Instacart and applied. Within a day or two, I got the job and became an Independent Contractor for Instacart, shopping for and delivering groceries to people.

How it works: Jobs (called batches) are displayed through the Instacart (Shopper) app and there’s only a limited time to choose a job before another shopper chooses it). So on my third day of working with Instacart, I was looking through the different jobs and a $96.09 ($21.09 to shop and deliver and $75 tip) popped up. Shocked at the amount (the jobs usually range from $15 to$ 45), I accepted it as quickly as I could.

Looking at the details of the job, I realized it was for a grocery store I had never shopped at. However it was only about 10 minutes from the house and for that price, I was gonna make it work. (I have a little one to take care of).

So I got there at the store, and needless to say, I was immediately overwhelmed. The store was huge with endless aisles and crowded with people. Thoughts of cancelling the job crept into my mind but I pushed it aside and grabbed a cart.

I looked at the shopping list and there were about 75 items to shop for! And of course, being at a new store, I had no idea where anything was. Feeling overwhelmed again, I decided to just focus on getting one item at a time.

So, I went through the list. Needless to say, not everything on the list was available. But the good thing is, with the app, I was able to communicate with the buyer for any substitutions or refund of items.

Long story short, a couple hours later, I finally got to the end of the list, checked out the grocery items, and delivered it to the buyer. The buyer was so happy that she got her groceries without having to go to the store that she handed me $40 extra in cash “for my trouble”.

So, in addition to the $75 earned, I also received $40 in cash, totaling $115.

Getting a side job such as Instacart can help you earn some extra money to pay off debt. As you can see, it is definitely worth doing because you can be pleasantly surprised with huge tips from customers.

How many people can say they made well over $100 in a couple hours? Sign me up, please.

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