5 Ways To Make Time To Knit/Crochet

Do you often find there’s no time to do anything, much less have time to knit/crochet?

The days go by so quickly with our long to-do lists that by the time we finally get some “me” time, it’s late,
we’re tired and we just wanna go to bed.

Knitting/Crochet is important to us, and we should make the time to do what we love (even if it’s just a few minutes a day).

Here are 5 ways to help us make time to knit/crochet:

  • Turn off distractions – we are constantly interrupted and distracted by the TV, cellphone, computer etc.) If we turn them off instead, we will be amazed at not only how quiet it is, but also the amount of knitting/crochet we can get done. You can easily get a couple hours of work done simply by not answering the phone, checking your email or Facebook every 5 minutes or watching your favorite TV show. The minutes add up and that time can be used for knitting/crocheting instead.

  • Schedule it – In order to get knitting/crochet done with all the busyness of life, you have to make time for it. That means you plan for it. Write it up in your schedule just as you would your doctor’s appointment or hair appointments. Once you schedule it, then take it seriously and stick to it as any other appointment.

  • Take it with you – Speaking of appointments, whenever you actually have that doctor’s appointment or hair appointment etc, most times you have to wait a while before you are seen. So use that waiting time to get some knitting/crocheting done. That would be a good time to bring your yarn project(s) and sit and knit/crochet while you wait.

  • Ignore chores – Yes. Block out a time when you don’t do any housework, say from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Use that time to knit/crochet instead. One thing we know is that there’s always housework to be done. You do it today, you still have to do it again tomorrow. It’s not going anywhere. So close your eyes to all the housework and knit/crochet during that time.

    Once that time is up, you can return to your household chores (which didn’t go anywhere) and pick up where you left off. At the end of the day, the house would still be clean (more or less) and you would have gotten some knitting/crocheting done.

  • Speed clean your house – Sometimes you can’t put off housework and you need to do it now. No problem. You can still make time to knit/crochet.

    Set the timer for about 20 minutes and start cleaning as fast as you can. While laundry is going, wipe down counters, vacuum the floors, clean the bathroom, etc. When the timer goes off, you will be amazed at how much you got done that would have normally taken you hours.
    Hmm, now what can you do with all that extra time?

Other than doing what you love, knitting/crochet has many other benefits so making the time for it should not be an issue.

You give others your time. Why not make time for yourself as well and knit/crochet.

Use these 5 ways to make time to knit/crochet. You’ll be glad you did.

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