5 Tips To Save Time Grocery Shopping

Do you often feel overwhelmed when it’s time to go grocery shopping?

First you have to deal with the traffic and the parking . Then you have to maneuver the shopping cart among a crowd of people with the kids constantly asking you to buy them something.

Then when you’re ready to checkout, the lines are long with only 2 cashiers on duty.

When you finally get out of there, you realize you’ve spent more than double the amount of time you’d planned.

A trip to the grocery store can be very time consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 5 tips you can use to save time (and your sanity) the next time you go.

  • Make a list – Before you even leave the house, make a grocery list of the items you need, and stick to that list when you get to the grocery store. That way you won’t get distracted and go to other aisles and pick up extra items which can add on to your time.

  • Organize your list – Don’t just randomly list the items you need like milk, eggs, bread, water etc. Organize your list according to the layout of the supermarket.

    Dawn, The Minimal Mom, has an entire post on this where you can download her shopping list/meal plan worksheet. You can easily customize it to the layout of your supermarket. I use it every time I go grocery shopping. Shopping according to the supermarket layout cuts my shopping time in half because I’m not wandering back and forth from one aisle to the next.

  • Be an early bird or a night owl – To save time at the grocery store, go early in the morning if you can, preferably right after it opens. Or, go late at night, about an hour or so before it’s closed. There’s hardly anyone shopping at those times so you pretty much have the store to yourself. Imagine, no crowds, no lines, no kids. You’ll be in and out in no time, not to mention it frees up the rest of the day (if you go early morning) for you to do other things.

  • Don’t bring the kids – While it’s good for the kids to experience what it’s like to go grocery shopping, it can be time-consuming tagging them along. There are times when we don’t have a choice, but whenever we get the opportunity to go by ourselves, we should take full advantage of it.

    Go grocery shopping while they’re at school. When they’re not at school, have grandma or hubby watch them for a few minutes while you run to the store. This will save a lot of time because you can focus on just what you need to get, and not have to listen to the kids who can often times be distracting.

  • Don’t go! – That’s right, don’t go to the supermarket. You don’t need to anymore. Order online instead and save all the time and hassle. Most of the supermarkets now offer online delivery options where you can have your groceries delivered right to your door or, if you prefer, drive to the supermarket, stay in the car and they will bring your groceries out to you. Either way, you will save a ton of time ordering online instead. I’ve saved well over 2 hours.

Grocery shopping does not have to be difficult, neither take a lot of time.

With just a little planning and preparation, you can be in and out of the grocery store with much time left to do other things.

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