5 Simple Ways You Can Still Save Money As A Single SAHM without getting a 2nd job

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Living on only one income, (yours), can be tough.

All the household bills, expenses, toys you ordered from Amazon for the kids, etc all have to be paid by you.

So, how can I even save money, you ask. It might seem impossible to do at the moment unless you get a 2nd (or even, 3rd job).

But, besides working more jobs to get extra money, we can also find other ways to save money (that we may have never thought of) to make living on less, more attainable.

Here you will find 5 things you can do to still save money with only one income, and only one job!

  • Have a budget – There are many budgets out there and they can be overwhelming. I’ve found the 10-10-80 budget to be simple and easy to remember. You and your spouse can work on it together and figure out how to live on less so you don’t overspend.
10 10 80 Budget Plan

  • Stay at home – To save money, stay home more often and only go out when you need to. If we go to the mall just for the sake of going to the mall, we usually come home with shopping bags full of items we don’t need.

    Try to group all errands on the same day so you’re not running out everyday burning up the gas tank.

    I know as SAHMs we need to get out of the house practically everyday with the kids. Perhaps we can go to places that are close by or that we can walk to instead of driving long distances. Sometimes just being out in the backyard is enough fun for the kids.

  • Use your local library – The library is one of my favorite places to go to for resources. Best of all, it’s free.

    Instead of renting/buying movies, books, etc, check your local library first. They have tons of books, DVDs, learning resources, kids stuff, online resources etc that you can borrow for free.

    So, don’t buy that book for $20 that you’re only gonna read once. Borrow it from the library for $0.
    The library is an excellent resource for saving money and we should take more advantage of it.

  • Shop at thrift stores – At the thrift store you can find many items you need for a fraction of the cost. You can find brand name clothing for around $5, books, electronics, toys, kitchen items, you name it, for next to nothing. And many of the items are brand new or in great condition.

    I remember one time I saw a riding toy for toddlers online for $99. I saw it at the thrift store (in great condition) for $4.99. Guess what I did.

  • Learn to DIY – There are so many tutorials out there on YouTube, Google, etc, that anyone can learn to make just about anything. So instead of paying someone to hem your pants or fix that leaky faucet, you can figure out how to DIY. You will save lots of money by simply learning to do it yourself.

Learning to live on one income or live on less can be a big adjustment as a SAHM. But it is doable and worth it to be able to be at home with the kids.

Once we implement these tips to save money, those guilty thoughts of being home with the kids instead of working outside the home will slowly be eradicated and we will start seeing that living on less is not only possible, but doable.

What other ways do you save money as a SAHM?

Write them in the comments below.

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