The Easy 10-10-80 Budget Plan

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10 10 80 Budget Plan

Would you like a simple budget that you don’t have to think about?

The 10-10-80 rule does just that.

It’s a simple budget plan that helps you get control of your money and avoid overspending.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 10 – God
  • 10 – Yourself
  • 80 – Everything else
  • The 1st 10% goes to God so you tithe the first 10% of your income. Tithing protects the other 90%.

  • The 2nd 10% goes to you so you save 10% of your income. That way, when emergencies, unexpected expenses (and just life in general) come up, you are prepared.

  • The remaining 80% goes to everything else, such as your bills and daily living expenses (food, shopping, etc).

For example, let’s say your monthly income is $2000.
10% of 2000 is $200 so you would tithe $200, and save $200. The remaining 80% of 2000 or (2000-200-200) is 1600). So you would live on $1600 a month.

This budget plan helps you to live within your means easily, because you’re basically living on 80% of your income. So you will never go over budget.

That said, if for any reason, you find it difficult to live on 80%, you might want to consider reducing your expenses or earn extra money.

Here are some ways to reduce your expenses:

  • Cut out or reduce your cable/Internet bill
  • Get/Watch NetFlix instead or use your local library instead of going to the movies
  • Cook your meals at home instead of eating out.
  • Do your own hair and nails

Here are some ways to earn extra money:

  • Start a mom blog
  • Teach/Tutor Online
  • Babysit kids
  • Find a part-time job

Here’s a simple Excel worksheet I created that you can use that automatically budgets your income into 10-10-80 so you don’t have to.

It’s a simple, easy budget calculator that does all the work for you so you can start implementing it right away.

Being in control of your finances, setting aside your tithe amount, your savings amount and the balance (amount you’re going to live off of) honors God and gives you peace of mind because you know exactly where your hard-earned money goes every month.

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